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Benefits of Registering Your Litre Log
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Benefits of Registering Your Litre Log


Litre Log is a loyalty program to earn 3¢ cash back for every litre of fuel purchased at participating Fas Gas Plus locations. Reach $10.00 and redeem for cash or free fuel.

How does it work?

  • Find a station and pick up a card.
  • Swipe and sign your Litre Log card and start accumulating today.
  • Register your Litre Log by clicking here (follow the steps for first time login using 1234 as your initial password).
  • Reach $10.00 and start redeeming at any participating Fas Gas or Fas Gas Plus location.

How do the points work?

Your balance will show up in cents on both your receipt and your online account.  For example, if your balance is 2000, you currently have $20.00 on the card.  Once you have reached the minimum balance of $10.00 you can redeem.


Where can I use my Litre Log?

The Litre Log can be used at over 175 participating locations across Canada

How do I earn cash back?

Swipe your Litre Log with purchase of retail gasoline and diesel. No minimum purchase necessary.

How do I redeem for cash back?  

Show your ID anytime you’ve earned a minimum of $10.00 on your Litre Log and you can redeem for cash back at participating Fas Gas Plus sites. The maximum cash redemption allowed per day is $50.   You can also redeem for free fuel or in‐store purchases.

Can I start earning for cash back immediately?

Once you have your new Litre Log, you can start earning immediately.  In order to redeem for cash back, you will need to register your Litre Log online by clicking here.

Why do I need to register my Litre Log?

Registration is required for redemption and also allows you to check your balance online.

How do I check my balance?

Your balance can be checked at the bottom of your fuel receipt or by logging onto your account by clicking here.

I forgot my Litre Log today‐how do I earn my cash back?

You need to swipe or present your Litre Log card at time of purchase in order to earn your Litre Log points.

What happens if I lose my Litre Log?

The value on your Litre Log will not be replaced if lost, stolen or used without permission.  Protect your Litre Log like cash.

When does my Litre Log expire?

After 1 year of inactivity, all value will be removed and the Litre Log will be deactivated.

Do Pay at the Pump purchases qualify for the Litre Log cash back program?

Yes. You can swipe your Litre Log card at the pump at time of purchase (**where applicable. Check the pump screen instructions for full details and directions**) If your pump screen doesn’t ask for the Litre Log card, you’re welcome to have your Litre Log points added to your card in store within a 10 minute window of completing your purchase.

How do I keep my registration up to date if my personal information changes?

Log onto your account here to update your personal information.

Can I link multiple Litre Logs together onto one account?

Individual Litre Logs are required for each driver wanting to participate in the Litre Log loyalty program.

Can I transfer balances between Litre Logs?

Litre Log balances cannot be linked or combined.

When do transactions to my Litre Log appear in my account?

Litre Log transactions are updated onto your account immediately.

Where can I go for more information?

See in-store for more information about the Litre Log cash back loyalty program.


No minimum purchase required.  May be redeemed at participating locations in Canada only with a minimum $10.00 balance. This loyalty program may be suspended during a price war. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount coupon, bonus or promotion. Fas Gas Plus reserves the right to void any Litre Logs at its sole discretion. The Fas Gas Plus Litre Log program may be changed or cancelled without prior notice. After a period of 1 year of inactivity all points will be removed and the Litre Log will be deactivated. The value on a Litre Log will not be replaced if lost, stolen or used without permission.

If you would like further clarification or to provide feedback, please email us at View our Privacy Policy

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